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Please be advised this is NOT the final set of nominees

2016 Nominees

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Nova Star - This award goes to the New Star in the heavenly realm of Swing Dance.  Having been in the Cosmos from three to ten years, it is a star capable of increasing in brilliance greatly as it continues to learn and grow.
  Men Women
Nova Star Jack Chen
Matthew Leszczenski
Mathew Lietzke
Matt Richey
Gary Thompson

Michelle Crozier
Victoria Henk
Heather Powers
Nicki Silton

Rising Star - The Rising Star is a Champion that has been around from ten to twenty years. It strives to make its place in the Swing Dance Heavens through its ongoing participation within the Milky Way of Competition.
  Men Women
Rising Star Arjay Centeno
Ronnie DeBenedetta
Nick King
Ben McHenry
Warren Pino
Don Welch

Cameo Cross
Janis Hill
Melissa Rutz
Yenni Setiawan
Rachele Smith
Tara Trafzer

Shining Star - This Award is for long-time Astro Excellence. The Shining Star is easily recognized in the Swing Dance Heavens, for it has set the example for all the Novas and Rising Stars. It is a Champion of Champions and has maintained its place in the Cosmos for twenty to thirty years.
  Men Women
Shining Star Stan Jaquish
Gary Jobst
Kevin St. Laurent
Kyle Redd

Laureen Baldovi
Samantha Buckwalter
Jessica Cox

Golden Star - The Golden Star hails the wonderful dancers who have excelled in Swing Dance for over thirty years. They have long been recognized as the most brilliant of all the Stars.
  Men Women
Golden Star Wright Benson
Richard Bonura
Terry Clark
Gary Eisert
Donald Estep
Ron Ford
Art Gallo
Patrick Locantore
Martin Parker
Joseph Picconi
Mark Scheuffele
Mark Slater
Jack Smith
George Thomas
Phil Trau

Sharlot Bott
Benita Combs
Linda Cooke
Annie Hirsch
Michelle Kinkaid
Trisha Lovell
Mary Ann Nunez
Sandee Chavez Rowell
Sylvia Sykes
Special Achievement - an individual who over the years has contributed substantially to Swing Dancing in California.
  Men Women
Special Achievement Bob Brewer
Joe Camasta
Patrick Locantore
Jack Smith
John Wheaton
Steve Zener

Shirley Estep
Annie Hirsch
Francis Tassin

Couples - Couples stands out with special brilliance among other swing partnerships.
Couples Wayne and Sharlot Bott
Jack Carey and Annie Hirsch
Frank and Audrey Rodriguez
Myral Tiner and Linda Cooke
Phil Trau and Michelle Kinkaid
Tip West and Teveya Dovbish

Stellar - An individual who over the years has contributed substantially to Swing Dancing in California
and is now deceased.
  Men Women
Stellar Edward Arvizo
Jimmy Bontemple
Jerry Dawson
Bernie Dovbich
Fred Tretta

Pat Del Fante